An OPEN Letter To Everyone Who Secretly Believes Make Money Courses Are Garbage..
My Final Goodbye To You..
From: Jason Capital
Time: 2:41 PM
Subject: Why I’m Calling It Quits
I’m retiring. Let me tell you why..
This story will make you angry. Promise me you won’t throw your computer through a window.
What I have to tell you involves a scandal that’s going on in the “make money” industry today..
It’s a scandal that - if you’re like most people I know - is cheating you out of making money online and worse..
It's robbing you of at least an extra $1,000/mo that should have hit your bank account last month. And this month. And next month..
It’s a mess. If you’ve ever bought a “make money” course - or have ever thought about buying one - then you need to hear everything I’m going to share with you. It’s that important..
Now, maybe I need to remind you who I am. It may help you understand why I’m sharing the wild story I’m about to tell you. This is me with my dogs Sterling and Kennedy. I’m a guy who makes money online.
I dropped out of college because I was making $20K/mo from my dorm. My professors laughed at me. Then I became a millionaire at 24 and they stopped laughing. I’ve sold over $67 Million Dollars online. I’ve spent $3.3 million on ads in total. Behind the scenes..
..I’ve been sought out for marketing advice by some amazing people - Jay Shetty’s team, Robert Kiyosaki’s team (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Jordan Belfort’s team (Wolf of Wall St) to name a few. Then..
I wrote a book called Higher Status that became a best-seller on Amazon. And lately..
I’ve spent the last few years teaching others how to earn a real income from home too - I have over 300 students successfully earning a full-time income from home now (24 of them now have 7-figure businesses). But..
I made millions of dollars in 4 different niches before I ever got paid to teach others how to make money online. The truth is, I started making money online in a strange way..
I Made My First Dollar Online
This is no joke. Here’s what happened:
My first ever website was set to launch Tuesday. But by Monday, my website wasn’t ready. My programmer was asleep in the Philippines and I couldn’t reach him..
If the site wasn’t ready, I’d be screwed because I’d already paid for the traffic that was coming. He was the only one that could fix the site..
So I stayed up all night in my dorm..
My friends partied while I sat in my room and waited..
I messaged the programmer every 30 minutes. For 9 hours.
Finally, at 6AM he replied and fixed the site..
By 9AM, I’d made my first sale (!)..
By the end of the first week, I’d made almost $20,000. I spent it all on an Audi convertible. My parents were in disbelief. My friends asked if I’d become a drug dealer..
I sold over $67,000,000 online over the next 13 years.
Somehow near the end, people began calling me a “make money guru”..
I never liked that title. Because I’m not a guru and I don’t have all the answers..
I worry about bills..
Sometimes I feel stuck..
Sometimes I fantasize about packing up all my shit and moving to Bali or Thailand by myself. Just enjoy life as a beach bum. I’d lounge around the beach during the day and party til sunrise, then do it again tomorrow..
I’m telling you this because sometime in 2020-21 I started to feel burnt out..
This Letter Took Me 13 Years To Write You..
I’ve grown tired of teaching others how to make money online. I’m sorry but this industry just doesn’t “do it” for me.
Maybe it sounds selfish. But I like making myself money a lot more ..than teaching others how.
That’s why I’ve always had online businesses outside of the ones you see. I wanted to focus more on those..
So in October, I stepped down as CEO of my education company. With 44 team members and $250,000 a month in expenses, I put a team in charge to lead the company..
My plan was to step away slowly so I could focus on my other ventures. Then Instagram slapped me..
Man Plans, Instagram Laughs..
On December 8th 2021, my Instagram account (with 2.5 Million Followers) was banned without warning.
Now I had a real problem. Most of the revenue came from Instagram..
How could I afford to pay $250,000/mo in payroll and expenses without new money coming in? I couldn’t. Instagram forced my hand..
So on Christmas Day, I made the impossible decision to shut my education company down and let everyone go. (It was a depressing holiday season for me.)
I’m officially retiring from teaching others how to make money online - calling it quits..
Oh, you’ll still see me. But any content I make will be VERY different going forward - I’m officially taking my secret to making money online and keeping it for me..
But here’s the good news. I’ve decided to go out with a bang..
Since I’m retiring, I can finally share
the actual secret that made me rich..
The secret I couldn’t reveal publicly when I was still teaching..
The approach I’ve relied on for 13 years to sell over $67,000,000 online..
Deliberately omitted from the 20+ books and programs I’ve created..
This secret has personally made me over $2 Million Dollars yearly since 2013..
The secret at the heart of my financial success which has remained private all this time..
There are a few of us in possession of this secret. But I’m the only one sharing it..
The term “fake guru” has become a hot term online..
They call these gurus “fake” because they say these fake gurus only make money selling “make money courses”.
Now I’m not defending these people..
There are tons of hucksters out there. People who have never made a penny outside of selling “make money courses”. (Remember - I made millions in the basketball industry, the speed training industry, the dating industry and the personal development industry before I ever taught others how to make money online.) But I want you to open your mind for a second and realize..
Fake or not, these “gurus” are still making money online. Many are millionaires. And they’re all doing it using the same secret. A secret that works for ethical and unethical people both..
In fact, nearly everyone who makes money online - from fake guru to Jeff Bezos - uses this same secret to make money online. And here’s where you should get angry - THEY NEVER TEACH YOU THIS SECRET..
They’ll teach you anything else but this. Because this is how they really make their money..
Listen. Humans have an impulse to buy things. We even have a name for it. An “impulse buy”..
Just like breathing and eating, this impulse to buy is present within everyone one of us. And making money online is all about knowing the exact right words that trigger this impulse..
The real secret to making money online is using Impulse Words..
Impulse Words are innocent everyday words that slip under the radar and trigger this impulse to buy causing buyers to decide to buy sometimes in just seconds..
These words have been studied by the CIA and every other intelligence agency on the planet..
A few of them are even being used in this letter right now. But..
...Anyone Who Knows Them
Won’t Dare Talk About Them.
They’re “too good to share”..
Making money online is not about how smart or experienced you are. You have to know the exact right words to type - Impulse Words - the real secret that made me rich all these years..
I’ve often been asked how I’ve been able to turn a profit in so many different niches..
I started in the basketball niche. Then speed training. Then dating. Then personal development. Then finally. How to make money online. Until recently, I’ve never revealed the secret. Why should I when I’m already competing against the biggest sharks online?
But it all changed recently when I finally felt secure enough (aka rich enough) to reveal my secret privately..
I minted Passwords for a test group of beginners to access my Password-Protected List of Impulse Words..
To Get Access,
Their Fee Was $2,800 Per Password.
Suddenly I found myself tasked with teaching my system to a bunch of newbies..
Using Impulse Words is an art and a science. But I quickly concluded I couldn’t teach an art - it’s too subjective..
I realized I had to turn Impulse Words into a science. They had to be a repeatable set of principles that, if followed, can be counted on to yield the same predictable result of profit and sales..
So I systematized the process and, most importantly, made everything as easy as I could possibly make it… so even a freshman in college could learn the system and start earning extra income virtually out of the gate..
This is exactly what happened with my private test group..
In just 7 weeks, more than 90% of the students had made their first sale online..
Many went on to become household names themselves..
Sean Ferres, Millionaire Student
Paul Tancredi, Millionaire Student
Chris and Andrew, Millionaires who spoke at the High-Status Summit
Eric Cipolla, owner of 2 Porsches and speaker at High-Status Summit
Jason Wojo, the Mclaren Millionaire
No, not all of the students in my private group made money..
About 10% of the students couldn’t “get it”..
Others tried to use my Impulse Words to sell new products that had little market appeal..
We learned when a new product is so flawed that only a few people want it, even the most powerful Impulse Words won’t sell it..
But with products or services that had market appeal, where the only variable was the pulling power of our advertising, we almost never lost..
All thanks to a system of Impulse Words made easy to use and apply..
And that’s how I’ve always approached making money online - how can we make it easier?
The result of all this is my final legacy
teaching others how to actually make money online..
So are you ready to start earning a full-time income from home? Or more?..
Today you can join the other students and claim your Password to my Password-Protected List of Impulse Words. But first you must keep in mind this:
Only 21,000 Passwords Were Minted
I’ve minted 21,000 Passwords to the private membership site where you’ll get access to everything. No more passwords will be minted after that. Once these 21,000 Passwords are gone, they’re gone..
But please don’t feel pressured into joining us inside immediately just because only 21,000 Passwords will ever be made available..
That’s because I’m not looking to trigger a wave of “panic buying” which would attract a lot of people who aren’t actually serious about earning a full-time income from home. My aim is just the reverse..
I want to restrict these Passwords to a tiny slice of the community. For only the people like me. People who are dedicated. Ambitious. Ready to get started. And that by definition, is a small but elite group..
Best of all, the results you can see with my Password-Protected Impulse Words are truly fast. I was making $20,000 a month from my dorm room. But it isn’t only me..
Listen to what these other members of the test group had to say:
Jonathan Porter
Hafthor Kristjansson
Nico Bains
Parker Thomas
James Conti
Are these guys any different than you? I don’t think so..
They’re just hard-working guys who were so blown away by the results they’ve seen with my Password-Protect List that they’re willing to sign their names to a testimonial. It takes a heck of a product to inspire that kind of cooperation..
But there’s more. Included with every Password is my complete system for earning a full-time income from home, sent to your inbox immediately free. Over 7,000 people paid $997 for this bonus system you'll receive free of charge..
It reveals every secret I’ve ever learned about how someone just getting started out can earn a full-time income from home in the shortest amount of time possible..
My $997 System that you're getting as a free bonus NOW is the final result of comparing 13 years of marketing tests.. and responsible for over $67,000,000 in online sales..
It includes every program, training, template, exercise, worksheet.. I’ve ever created or taught about earning a full-time income from home.. plus much more material that’s been added to make this the ultimate program about earning a full-time income from home even if you’re a beginner, sent to your inbox immediately..
You Must Find Your Nation’s Password
To Get The One-Time $77 Fee;
All Others Must Pay $239 Fee
The only thing you need to do now is find your Nation’s Password on the Distribution List.
The fee for people who do NOT find their Nation’s Password on the Distribution List has been set to $239..
But for people like you who find their Nation’s Password and beat the deadline the fee is just $77 one-time as long as they order before the final Password is grabbed..
I’m warning you though:
People who know Impulse Words have POWER. So..
I don’t want you joining us inside unless you too will use these Words with integrity. That means..
You WON’T use Impulse Words to make people give you money they don’t have
You WON’T use Impulse Words to make girls with husbands or boyfriends cheat
You WON’T lord any money you make over others who earn less than you
Because I’m looking to hire more Impulse Words Customers for my other ventures, this part is really important for me..
Lincoln said, “If you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”
If you have the power of Impulse Words but you can’t act with integrity, I can’t hire you. We can’t work together. So do good with this, ok?
There are so many “make money courses” out there. But none teach you about Impulse Words. It’s a damn shame..
The Psychological Loophole That Makes Buyers Buy, Even If You’re A Beginner
Impulse Words don't require you to be a certain age. My youngest student to earn over $1,000 from home was 14 years old - Karim. My first millionaire student, Kirby Robbins, was 62 when he first made over a million dollars..
Impulse Words don't require technical know-how. There are people on Fiverr who can do tech stuff for you for 5 dollars, if you even need it..
Impulse Words don't require a college degree. I’m a high school graduate..
Impulse Words don't require a camera. Most of my students worked behind-the-scenes..
Impulse Words don't require “luck”. I’ve had more than my share but I’m not promising you that you’ll make as much money as I have. And the odds are against it but you may do better; I have one student from New Jersey who made $22,000,000 last year. But money isn’t everything..
Impulse Words don't require “talent”. Just enough brains to follow the system..
What does it require?
Well, first it requires you find your Nation’s Password on the Distribution List to ensure you’re actually on the list.
And second, it requires belief..
Enough to take a chance. Enough to absorb what I’ll give you. Enough to put the Impulse Words into action.
If you do just that - nothing more, nothing less - the results will be hard to believe. Just like my parents and friend’s who couldn’t believe it when I started..
Now let's be honest...
There are other things you could do to earn extra income.
Here’s the list but it’s total bullshit and I’ll tell you why:
real estate
taking online surveys
start a blog
start a youtube
start a youtube
start a podcast
become a creator
affiliate marketing
trading bots/forex - earn $17/day

Some of these options work. Some don’t. But all of them work better for you with Impulse Words..
I wouldn’t feel right knowing you were trying to earn extra income with any hustle that involves WORDS …without having Impulse Words at your side.
Without them, it’ll take you longer to succeed. I can’t say how much longer. But longer. And “taking longer” is not an option for most of us. It wasn’t for me..
This is the point in the letter where I’m supposed to show you how much of a bargain this chance is. But I’m not going to do that..
For everyone who finds their Nation’s Password listed on the Distribution List and orders before the deadline, they’re getting their Password to the system test group members paid $2,800 for just by covering the one-time $77 fee.
That means if you’re fast enough, you’re paying 97% less than they did but I’m not going to hammer that point..
We originally minted only 21,000 Passwords. More than half are now gone. If I highlight the bargain you’re getting, we’ll run out of Passwords too fast. And I’m not looking to trigger a stampede of “panic buying”. I’m trying to restrict access to the people like me - thoughtful, ambitious, hard-working and ready to get started..
Why Thousands Are Rushing In Right Now
To Snap Up My $2800 System
For The One-Time $77 Fee..
Maybe I shouldn’t even mention the guarantee you’re getting too?
Oh well. Here it is.
As you do I want you to feel SAFE..
Safe that you’re learning from someone who’s found a way to make a profit online everyday for 4,745 days in a row (13 years!)..
Safe that you’re learning a skill responsible for over $67,000,000 in sales for me..
And safe that you can get your money back if it doesn’t work for you. Here’s how it works..
Try my Impulse Words exactly as instructed. Breeze through all the brand-new and unreleased materials you’re getting too..
If you’re not happy, send me an email and I’ll refund you 100% of your fee. But there’s more..
My Double Your Money Back Guarantee
Examine this email below I got from a former student, Daniel Moon:
Daniel made $134,000 last month. But it took almost a year to get there. (He made around $3,000 after his first couple months)..
So use my Impulse Words.. and when you make at least $3,000 with them, send me PROOF and DOCUMENTATION like Daniel did, and I’ll give you Double Your Money Back for being such a badass. (Yes, that means I’ll refund your $77 AND I’ll send you a bonus $77 to reward your success.)
Here’s an escrow account I funded so you can see I really will give you Double Your Money Back right after you make your first $3,000 with this..
So shall we do this?
It feels weird to ask you that.
Because I know it’s probably the last time ever..
Beat The Deadline: Click Here To Find Your Nation’s Password On The Distribution List
My Last and Final Invitation To You..
It’s time for you to find your Nation’s Password on the Distribution List and get immediate access to the real secret that made me rich all these years - the one I could never share..
Remember: I’m not guaranteeing you’ll make as much money as I did..
But if your goal is to earn a full-time income from home …or more, you need to hurry..
Think of it like this: Let’s say there is a bank vault with a 13-digit combination..
That means there are millions of possible combinations. But. Only one of them will open the vault..
Let’s say I spend 10 years trying every single combination until I hit the right one..
Then, suppose I write the combination on a piece of paper..
Now I give you that piece of paper..
Maybe the code is 3837494837207..
There it is..
What took me 10 years took you 10 seconds..
That’s what Impulse Words was for that test group. Where 90% of the newbie students made their first dollar online in the first 7 weeks. That’s what it could be for you right now too. So hurry. Join the rest of us already inside now..
Beat The Deadline: Click Here To Find Your Nation’s Password On The Distribution List
And now. I feel like I’m done..
Thank you so much for your time. And attention. And support..
It’s been realllll interesting these last 4 years teaching others “how to make money online”..
But now I’m glad to be done..
Glad this is the final thing I’ll ever do in the niche..
Peace beast.
-Jason Capital
P.S. You’re awesome.
P.P.S. And you smell fantastic.
P.P.P.S. Don’t argue with me.
You are awesome and you do smell great.
Why deny it when we both know, deep down, it’s true?
See you soon.
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